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13th Five-Year

The State Council recently issued the "13th Five-Year" National Science and technology innovation plan ", clearly put forward the next five years, the national science and technology innovation as the guiding ideology, general requirements, strategic tasks and reform measures. The plan is one of the 22 national key special planning of the State Council determined, but also the state for the first time the "scientific and technological innovation" as an overall top-level planning.

"Planning" a blueprint for the development of science and technology innovation in the next five years, the overall objective of "13th Five-Year" science and technology innovation. National scientific and technological strength and innovation ability of comprehensive national innovation capacity jumped sharply, the top 15 in the world ranking, towards the ranks of innovative countries; innovation driven development with remarkable results, compared with 2015, the contribution rate of technological progress increased from 55.3% to 60%, knowledge intensive service industry value added to GDP ratio increased from 15.6% to 20%; scientific and technological innovation capability significantly enhanced through the "Patent Cooperation Treaty" (PCT) patent application submitted by the way more than doubled in 2015, R & D investment intensity reached 2.5%.

"Planning" pointed out that speeding up the implementation of major national science and technology projects have been deployed. Continued to overcome "nuclear high base" (core electronic devices, high-end general chips and basic software), integrated circuit equipment, broadband mobile communication, CNC machine tools, development of oil and gas, nuclear power, water pollution, transgenic, drug discovery and development, the key technology of infectious disease control, efforts to solve the major problems restricting the development of the economic society and science and technology a matter of national security; major strategic product development with international competitiveness, to build a high level of major demonstration projects, play radiation on improving people's livelihood and national pillar industry development leading role; gather and train a number of technological leading talents and high level of innovation and entrepreneurial team, build a batch of leading innovation platform and has strong international influence the industrial base, creating a number of strong international competitiveness of innovative leading enterprises, the world's leading form in some areas First high-tech industry.

"Planning" requirements, for 2030, and then select a number of major scientific and technological projects reflect the country's strategic intent, and strive to have a breakthrough. Starting from the strategic demand more long-term, adhere to the dos and don'ts, and strive in aircraft engines and gas turbines, deep space station, quantum communication and quantum computation, brain science and brain research, national security in cyberspace, deep space exploration and spacecraft on orbit service and maintenance system of 6 major science and technology projects and the seed industry innovation, clean and efficient use of coal, smart grid, integrated information platform, big data, intelligent manufacturing and robot key new material research and application, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Environmental comprehensive management, health care and other 9 major projects the first breakthrough. In accordance with the "mature one, start a" principle, the implementation of sub batches ordered to start.

"Planning" requires the development of multi-level capital market support innovation. Support innovation and entrepreneurship to enter the capital market financing, improve the mechanism of corporate mergers and acquisitions, to encourage the development of a variety of forms of mergers and acquisitions financing. Deepen the reform of the GEM market, and improve the institutional arrangements for the development of innovative, growth oriented enterprises to expand the coverage of services to the real economy. Strengthen the National SME share transfer system financing, mergers and acquisitions, trading and other functions. Regulate the development of regional equity market, enhance the ability to serve small and micro enterprises. Open up all kinds of capital markets, strengthen the capital market at different levels to promote innovation and entrepreneurship financing of the organic convergence. Develop financial services that meet the needs of innovation, and promote the combination of high-yield bonds and equity debt financing. Play the role of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange equity pledge financing mechanism to support the conditions of innovation and entrepreneurship through non-public issuance of corporate credit bonds. Support qualified enterprises issue project revenue bonds, to raise funds to increase investment in innovation. Accelerate the development of green finance to support the field of energy saving and environmental protection.

"Planning" pointed out that in accordance with the law compliance, under the premise of risk control, support for innovative characteristics of structural, complex financial product development, increase financial support for enterprise innovation activities. Selection of banking financial institutions to meet the conditions, provide the combination of equity and debt financing for the innovation enterprise, venture capital institutions to achieve cooperation and support for science and technology project investment loan linkage, Crowdsourcing chips. Give full play to the role of policy banks in the business scope to increase support for enterprise innovation activities. Leading banks and other financial institutions to innovate credit products and financial services, improve the flexibility and convenience of credit support innovation, private banks to support small and micro enterprise innovation needs of financial products innovation. To speed up the development of science and technology insurance, encourage insurance institutions to initiate or participate in the establishment of venture capital funds, to explore insurance funds to support the development of major scientific and technological projects and scientific and technological enterprises. Promote intellectual property securitization pilot and equity financing pilot to explore and regulate the development of innovative Internet banking services. Establish a market based risk compensation mechanism for intellectual property pledge financing, and encourage qualified areas to establish a scientific and technological insurance awards complement mechanism and reinsurance system. (source: Securities Times)